Cornwall Walking Holidays

Guided Cornwall Walking Tours Spring 2024

Travel by Personal Travel Management LTD, guided by Positively Fit Founder Mary Letson

With stunning coastlines studded with adorable, ancient villages and unforgettable countryside, these walking adventures take you on a superb athletic holiday. Your guide – Mary Letson ensures every last detail is attended to including travel preparation (pre tour exercise regime + detailed packing list), accommodations, luggage transportation and dinner reservations, one need only to step out the front door of their B&B with their packed lunch and water and let the journey begin. Daily point to point walking ensures new and jaw-dropping-beautiful views. Every day.  The tours are designed to accommodate those who can walk 10 km/day, however shorter walking options are included on most days for those wishing to bow out earlier.

These holidays are a brilliant way to plan an adventure around your health and wellness, to goal set your fitness all while seeing England’s most picturesque coastline.  Truly a trip of a lifetime!

Spring 2024 tour details coming soon!

Sample Itinerary

Walking Holiday FAQ’s

Want to join us in the Spring of 2024?  Send us a query, we would love to chat about the possibilities!

“Mary’s Leadership and organization was excellent!”

“The scenery was amazing and meeting our fellow walkers was a wonderful experience.”

“The personal attention to each client was fantastic.”

“Enjoyed the beautiful Cornwall coast by walking and the camaraderie with new friends.”

“Positively Fit and Mary Letson helped me to change my life”

D McCullum

“Positively Fit and Mary Letson helped me to change my life”

D McCullum