Plan to Love Your Health

Like all good habits in life, a successful lifestyle change takes more planning, and yes, more effort than the singular focus of committing to a regular workout. Bring in the other two pillars of wellness: healthy refueling and quality rest. This makes sense; we wouldn’t dream of sending our children to school sleep deprived and without a proper breakfast. But how many times do we do that to ourselves? Then expect to make it to our workout at the end of the day? Sure, we can run on empty for a while, but it’s a recipe for failure. Look at a day in the life of you and make a plan. Not for the next year, or month, but perhaps a week. Identify impediments to a good night’s rest and commit to better “sleep hygiene”: avoid caffeine after noon, move tvs and computers from the bedroom, and try relaxing with a warm bath, a good book and lights out by 10pm. Make some time on the weekend to stock the freezer with some fast, delicious meals for your hectic week. Spaghetti sauces, soups, bean burritos all freeze well and take no time to whip into a complete dinner. Just add some greens. Stock your fridge and cupboards with quick, transport friendly, healthy breakfast supplies, then pad your morning with a few extra minutes to prepare. My favourite go-to winter breakfast is good old fashioned rolled oats: 1/3 cup, sprinkle of cinnamon, chopped apple, water – into the microwave then topped with plain yogurt. High in everything good and delicious to boot, making time for fueling your morning is a game changer for the rest of the day.

Quality rest and healthy refueling will redefine your effort to embrace a regular workout – I promise it will be easier! Changing habits is a big deal and not to be underestimated. So make a plan, make the effort, then bask in the love of a healthier you.

Mary Letson