We Ran With Our Hearts

We Ran With Our Hearts

Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could simultaneously build our health while building community? Raise our heart rates and raise funds for worthy causes? Aaron’s Run did just that last Saturday June 14. It was all about compassion and generosity and a whole lot of sweat as participants made their way across Bowen Island’s infamously challenging terrain to finish at the Bowfest field for sumptuous refreshments. Along with sponsorship and donations, participants raised $4, 250 for the Aaron Sluggett Memorial Scholarship held by the Bowen Island Community Foundation. Well done all! Congratulations to this year’s $1000 scholarship recipient Annie MacIntosh, we wish you all good things. Last year’s recipient Kiera Schuller presented the scholarship to Annie with a superbly eloquent, heartfelt tribute to the importance of community no matter where we may be in the world. Wise, beautiful words Keira, thank you.
There is no official timing for this event, but I wish to recognize the Frost boys for coming out every year and running like the wind. Tim Boyer was 1st in the 5km, and 7 year old Ryan was 1st in the 2km. Well done!

A huge thank you to our generous corporate sponsors: Dee Elliott McDonald Realty, Allan Financial, Digitally Hip, The Orchard Recovery, Patti-Jo Weiss of Greater Good Consulting, First Credit Union, Evergreen, The Ruddy Potato, The Dog Ranch, Westland Insurance and McTaggart Water.
Thank you to the following businesses for donating fabulous food and drink: Savoury Island Pie Company, Village Baker, Artisan Eats, The Orchard Recovery and Mctaggart Water.

Thank you Doug Jamieson for the very generous donation of Porto Potties, the runners were relieved! Peter King and Robin Butler were our Bus Captains, thank you for delivering everyone to their start lines. Dee Elliott, thank you for all the great photos.

Finally, it takes a small army of volunteers to make this event happen, many of which have helped every single year. I am honoured by your generous, loyal volunteerism: Hilary Butler, Heather Hodson, Katherine Gish, Sam Knowles, Kate Markham-zantvoort, Dean Maidment, Lynn, Rob Alexandra Forbes, John Reid, Ann Challot, Amrita Sondhi, Erin Little, Graham Ritchie, Lyne Hartle, Lisa Biddlecombe, The Bowen Island Fire Dept, Nancy Joyce, Effron Esseiva, Leah Cline, Doug Hooper, Pam Mathews, Sue Ritchie, Ruth Openshaw, Claire Allen, Christine Walker, Sandra Hull, Shauna Jennings, Jen Hall, Nicola Murray, and Jo Quarry.

Together you all make the best of Bowen Island. You are the reason we love it here. The reason we stay. Thank you!